Renata Jakowleff is a Hungarian born glass artist. She lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Her studio is situated in the Helsinki archipelago.

Jakowleff creates work that expresses emotions through associations aroused by the material. The diverse language of glass has been her focus since more than ten years. Lately she has juxtaposed glass with other powerful materials such as leather and concrete. Also strong colours and opacity have sneaked into her work replacing the use of clear glass.

For Jakowleff, liability to change shape, such as liquidity or stretchability are important aspects when choosing media. She uses the behaviour of the material as a tool to create. Sculptures are in her hands let to evolve rather than shaped out. With glass, Jakowleff masters several blowing, casting and hot sculpting techniques. Besides these she uses experimental techniques invented by herself.

Jakowleffs work can be seen world wide in exhibitions, competitions and fairs devoted to glass, craft and contemporary art. Some of her permanent installations can be seen in private shops is Helsinki.

Jakowleff's work is included in the collections of the Finnish glass museum and the Finnish State, as well as in private collections, such as Sir Elton Johns collection. Jakowleff's work has been published in several catalogues and is shown internationally in galleries, stores and museums.

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