Daylight, 2019
Prefabricated, mirrored glass, stainless steel, assembled and framed, 140 x 180 x 15 cm, Images from Mänttä art festival
Snow-white, 2018
glass, brass, stainless steel,  leather framing, 110 x 140 x 13 cm
Snow-white as an expression often used to describe a pure, fully white colour. As the title of the work, “Snow-white”, refers to the subject of impurity, the question of class and status.
The work is made of pure white glass. However, the shade of the brass pins, used to assemble the piece alters the shade of glass, creating a patchwork of slightly pink, grey, yellow tones. The colour results in an impure, and constantly changing set of off white tones, depending on the lighting conditions. Images Stilleben and Katja Hagelstam
Torso, 2019, close ups on the surface
glass, stainless steel, 140 x 110 x 23 cm
Reflection painting, gold, 2018
glass, brass, stainless steel mesh,  leather framing, 220 x 270 x 13 cm
Reflection painting gold is a commissioned work for the reopening of the Finnish Institute in Paris. The exhibition will last until the end of August 2019.
The work is created to celebrate the beautiful lighting conditions of this space. It discusses daylight and the shift of the colour and volume of it as they constantly change during the day and the year. Images Stilleben and Mikko Ryhänen
Untitled, 2018
glass, metal pins, stainless steel mesh, Images Stilleben and Katja Hagelstam